Ion Life Systems as a company, believes personal health is personal responsibility.


Ion Life Systems believes that the more that people inform and educate  themselves, the more individuals will take responsibility for what they ingest, how and when they excercise.and make educated decisions over their personal health and well being.


Ion Life Systems provides lifestyle personal tools, based on 21st century technology.


At the end of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century many new discoveries have taken place, many of which have yet to find their way into the mainstream.

Thousands world wide are taking advantage of these new and developing technologies to greatly enhance healthy living and lifestyle. In many many cases, individuals using these newly created technologies have taken personal control of their own health and well being, and are now enjoying the many amazing benefits..


Examples of these new technologies and discoveries include: ion hydrotherapy i.e. Ion foot baths, ion water, zapping and zappers, orgone energy, scalar (zero point) energy, tachyons, etc.


We now understand that humans are energetic beings, humans are bio-electric beings. We understand everything has energy, and resonance, and frequency. It therefore makes some sense that humans need to treat themselves as energetic beings, by using energetic therapies in harmony with the human energetic makeup. Furthermore as energetic beings, human systems function efficiently when alkaline. Maintaining proper metabolism pH is the foundation of good health and body function. Alkaline metabolisms are oxygen rich, and electrically efficient for cell communication. Creating an alkaline metabolism is the fundamental first step to optimum health. In an alkaline environment rich in oxygen, cancers and viruses cannot survive. Today the majority of individuals have low oxygen acid metabolisms, a perfect environment for cancers, viruses, and anaerobic bacteria.


Ion Life Systems can only provide information on the products we offer. We do not prescribe any one therapy or device. All products offered are used by and have been tested by Ion Life Systems. We cannot make unrealistic claims, we do say unequivocally, Ion Life Systems stands by every product Ion Life Systems sells and uses.  Ion Life Systems believes the products we offer should be in the home as part of a personal health care kit. Growing thousands worldwide are now enjoying the benefits to life and health derived from the product technologies we offer.


Ion life Systems provides the 21st century tools for those who want to take control

and responsibility over their own health, quality of life, and quality of living.


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