What happens during Ion footbath hydrotherapy detox session?


Two-thirds of the body is made out of water. It's important to drink plenty of fluid throughout the day to replenish the levels required for cells to function properly, otherwise cells would stagnate and decay.

The watery fluids within and surrounding the cells also contain various types of salt that conduct electricity. Each of the trillions of cells have to constantly rely upon chemical reactions and electrical currents every millisecond, to enable them to communicate with one other, take action and produce energy for the body. in order to remain healthy, each cell therefore has to have a negative potential of between 70 and 90 millivolts; in other words, the right amount of positive and negative charge. If there is an overload of positive ions the cell is not able to absorb nutrients or excrete waste effectively which can lead to disease.  The ion cleanse footbath therapy can re-balance the body’s cells electrical charge. The re-introduction of balanced cellular energy using the ionic footbath treatment allows the body to increase its oxygen supply to all the organs of the body and kick-start any processes that the body may not be performing effectively. Ionization therefore improves health, enhances well-being and restores natural harmony.

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Because the feet are already in the water, the saline water within the bowl becomes an extension of the body's own saline fluids. As a result, the 'resonant' frequency gently vibrates to 'bio-stimulate' the body's cells too.

The ion footbath encourages the healthy balance of positive and negative ions to circulate around the body, resonating and stimulating cells as the frequency moves about, freeing up blocked energies and releasing cellular toxins that may have built up. The body's cells are correctly restored  into balance at a cellular level.

Throughout and between 1-2 days after the treatment as the body re-adjusts, toxins continue to be released from each cell and are excreted through the usual channels, in sweat, urine and feces. Therefore. the Ionic footbath hydrotherapy also aids the body's natural detoxification process.

With the westernised-lifestyles,stress-levels, poor diets, pollution,exposure to electrical equipment etc. it doesn't take long for the body to be overloaded with positive ions and so become out of balance again. Regular Ion footbath hydrotherapy maintenance treatments are recommended to restore and maintain harmony to the body and the body’s cells.

The two images to the left show blood cells.

The first image shows the blood cells before  an ionic footbath treatment, the second image shows the blood cells after a footbath treatment, the difference is  obvious. The blood is


ionization process in the body
blood cells before ion footbath
blood cells after ion footbath

Why Does The Water Change Colour?

There are many factors that are unique to each as individuals that  influence the changes in the water colour. For example, the process of ionization itself creates a formation of solids in the water; the metal array degrades with each footbath session. Particles and chemicals in the water, whether the water is hard or soft, the individual’s conditions and personal body chemistry all have an influence.The toxins from the body(which are normally clear, as in perspiration) react with the ionized water and contribute to the colour change.

Feet possess either acidic or alkaline properties, skin can also contain traces of deodorant, creams, soap, nail varnish, bacteria, shoe dye, fungi, environmental pollutants and fibres. The release of substances from the sebaceous glands, all can affect the water colour. It is NOT possible to provide an accurate diagnosis based purely upon the water colour. Many therapists and ionizer equipment suppliers make outrageous claims about the diagnosis of the colour of the water. We are energetic beings, the Ion hydrotherapy detox footbath is an energetic therapy,that re-balances the body’s cellular energy, allowing the body to detoxify through normal elimination, i.e. sweat, urine, feces. However, depending on a persons previous condition, there are sometimes strong indicators in the cloured water pointing to certain conditions. This has now been demonstrated with a group of people with known medical conditions, indicators in the water as a result of the ion cleanse footbath therapy  related directly  to their pre existing medical diagnosis and condition.

Health Conditions Ion Life Systems Ion Cleanse Hydrotherapy  Footbath may Improve:

Most people using the ion hydrotherapy footbath will experience numerous health benefits - even after just one session! Following a course of treatments, many clients will experience an improvement in conditions such as:

The effectiveness of Ion cleanse hydrotherapy machines and their ability to improve organ and vitality levels is fully supported by medical research.


The ion footbath is absolutely safe to use with no side effects other than improving overall health.


If between the ages of 10 and 65 the recommended detoxification cleanse treatment cycle is 3 times a week for 4 weeks, or 14 sessions, to insure a proper cleanse. For ages over 65 the recommended detoxification cleanse cycle is 2 times a week for 6 weeks. Parents of patients under age 10 should consult the Doctor.

The foot bath can be used by diabetics. The full benefits of the footbath will not be apparent immediately, over time the benefits become more and more noticeable as the body detoxifies, and cells are energized with the correct electrical charge. Ion Life Systems recommends a course of 12-14 footbath sessions to fully appreciate the powerful benefits to overall health, well being, and energy.

The ionic footbath therapy does the following:

In 2002, Doctor’s Data Inc., a laboratory in St. Charles, IL, did a before and after water analysis of an ionic foot bath and found significant increases in antimony, arsenic, copper, lead, uranium, barium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, aluminium, iron, manganese and zinc in the ion footbath that had feet in it compared to the water that had no feet. The increase in heavy metals had to come out of the feet, proof positive that there’s more to this story than simple oxidation of metal from the ion footbath array.  

There are many thousands of anecdotal reports online at many web sites from thousands of footbath users testifying to the remarkable and sometimes miraculous individual results obtained. The benefits of negative ions on human health has been proved conclusively

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2003

is shared between two American scientists who have made fundamental discoveries concerning how water and ions move through cell membranes. Peter Agre discovered and characterized the first water channel protein and Roderick MacKinnon has elucidated the structural and mechanistic basis for ion channel function.

Ion channels make it possible for cells to generate and transmit electrical signals, and are the basic molecular building blocks in the nervous system. Ion channels can be made to open and close in response to different stimuli such as an ion footbath.

Peter Agre

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