Stainless Steel Alkaline/Ionizing Water Stick:

•Raises the pH and makes the water Alkaline. Unlike expensive electric water alkalizer/ionizers, the increased pH in the water from our water stick is long lasting (at least 10 hours to over 1 day).


•Generates an abundant amount of Negative Ions in the water through ionization, Many health benefits are associated with an increase intake of negative ions.


•Reduces ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). Reduction is the opposite chemical phenomenon of Oxidation - cell death. In other words, the water stick revitalizes and refreshes the oxidized water.

Science is now coming to this and realising the many benefits of ‘reduced water’


•Helps neutralize free radicals in the water with the negative ions it generates.


Adds Minerals in the water, particularly Magnesium which is an essential mineral people in these modern times are often lacking, as well as iron, potassium, and calcium.


•Lowers the surface tension of water for better absorption and cleansing power.

Softer-edge aftertaste.


•The water stick is contained inside a food grade 304 stainless steel casing with micro perforations


•The Water Stick will last for approximately 8 months


•No need to re arrange the plumbing, no  need for electricity, no need to replenish mineral supplies, no need to purchase an Alkaline water machine such as a Kangen machine costing over $4000


•Simply drink 1.5 litres or more a day. Its diuretic and fat decomposing actions eliminate extra fat from the body, stimulates intestinal functions, burns off extra calories. The re structured water hexagonal molecules are small enough to enter fat cells and break them down.



Stick: 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel with micro perforations.

Ceramic (Tourmaline Balls) /Alkali Balls : tourmaline /quartz /germanium/maifanshi:containing calcium,iron,zinc,magnesium,copper,selenium,plagioclase feldspar,orthoclase feldspar,hornblende,and biotite

Stainless Steel Alkalizing/Ionizing Water Stick: 8.6 up to 9.5pH ORP -150 to -230




Portable & Convenient Put it in your water bottle, make alkaline ionized water on the go wherever you go. Take it wherever you go


Travel with the water stick and have alkaline ionized water available anywhere.

Durable & Economical: mere pennies a day.


Simple to Use (Put the water stick in a water bottle with water and gently shake it for 5-10 seconds.)


Not dependent on electricity!

Issues with Bottled Water:

• 22% Failed Synthetic Organic Compounds Test recent studies have discovered cancer causing    

  chemicals in some bottled water

• 17% Failed Voluntary Microbiological Purity (HPC)* Guideline

• 33% Failed Enforced Microbiological Purity (HPC - Heterotrophic-Plate-Count) Guideline

• 4% Violated Weak Federal Bottled Water Standards

• 20% Contains Industrial Chemicals such as: Toluene, Xylene or Chemicals Used in Manufacturing    

  Plastics such as Phthalate, Adipate or Styrene.

• Many bottled waters on the market contain Inorganic Contaminants such as Arsenic or Nitrates

Portable Stainless Steel Alkaline/Ionizing Water Stick:


 pH 8.6- 9.5   ORP -150 to -230

Most bottled waters and  municipal tap water have positive ORP, negative ORP is preferred. The Alkaline Water Stick is a small, in expensive, but a substantial investment in your health.


The stick is not expensive and comes with full instructions make alkaline water anywhere anytime, completely portable everywhere..


Compare to ion water machines priced at many hundreds to well over $2000  a unit.

Note on the pH change: the Water Stick can change pH anywhere between 0.5 and 3 degrees, depending on the original water quality (original pH, mineral and chlorine contents) and how long/hard the water stick is shaken to interact with the water.


The Alkaline Water Stick is small approx 4.5in and can fit into the pocket.  The Alkaline Stick is not a traditional electric water ionizer such as the models that are well known, rather it is portable and can provide fresh and healthy ionized  alkaline water anywhere and anytime. The Stainless Steel Alkaline Stick uses composition mineral balls, this method provides inexpensive, alkaline ionized water.


1. Convenient

2. Better than Bottled Water

3. Good for Health

4. Economical

5. Completely Fresh Concept in Ionization


How  to Use:

Fill the  a bottle or jug with 500ml of bottled, tap, or filtered water, place the water stick in the water and shake or stir for 15 seconds. The Water Stick can treat 500ml of water at one time and up to 800ml if left in the water a longer period of time e.g.1 hour.

To treat 1 litre of water every time we recommend using 2 alkaline water sticks.

For best results, let the water sit for about 15 minutes before consumption.




Portable Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Alkalizing/Ionizing Water Stick

Price: $20.00


Shipping: $12


Next day shipping


demo of water stick in use

Stainless Steel Alkalizing Water Stick:

pH 8.6 - 9.5  ORP  - 205

This  fine alkalizing water stick at a great price!

In Stock!

Complete with instructions for use and care



ph testing.



zero point.


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The portable stainless steel water stick can be used with:


Filtered Water : e.g. Brita or gravity filtered water.

Bottled water : e.g Evian > re mineralize, reduce, re structure and ionize bottled water

Tap Water : The stick is not a filter and the quality of tap water will depend on the source, the stick will not remove residues in tap water created from the tap water source. The stick will remove most chlorine from tap water.


*Do not use the stick with RO water (Reverse Osmosis) Though the water produced by RO is pure it is basically ‘dead’ water and acidic. The stick will not raise the pH of RO water, nor will any other stick.

However it will re structure, ionize, and reduce RO water. By reduce we mean shrinking molecule water clusters.

Natural Mineral Ionizing Method: creates Ionized Water using minerals such as magnesium (Mg+2H2O to Mg(OH)2+H20).  As a result, Hydroxyl Rich Ionized Water Neuturalizes Free Radicals, which can lead to many diseases. Ionized Water improves the digestive and circulatory system and brain activity

As well as boosting the body’s immunity to viruses and infections .


Ion Life Systems are the sole Canadian importer and distributor of this fine Portable Stainless Steel Alkaline/Ionizing Water Stick


We accept wholesale enquiries on this item - allowing for 3 weeks delivery on quantity.



Once the stick has been in the water 15 minutes the water is ready to drink. Leave the stick in water longer for a stronger ionization effect. Once the water is ready remove the stick. Do not leave the stick in the water overnight or for some hours as the water will get a bad taste.

Our Alkalizing Water Stick: 8.6pH- 9.5pH ORP - 205 revitalizes ordinary bottled or filtered water into Alkaline water rich in Negative ions (anti-oxidant effects) and minerals.

Water is life, feed the body with ionized alkaline water, take back  life.