Comes with indicator color chart

Sensitive and Accurate Range of  5.5pH - 9.0pH

Economical Practitioner Preferred

Tests Urine or Saliva

80 Strips per pack

Is  your body pH balanced? Find out by testing!


Now test body pH - easily, accurately, in the comfort of the home..


pH Range: 5.5 - 9.00


True results. pH Strips give an accurate reading of how acidic or alkaline body tissues really are.

No guesswork. Easy to read: pH Strips can test both urine and saliva to give the most complete picture of body pH.


The body is alkaline by design.

The fluids that make up 70% of the body MUST remain alkaline for the body to experience optimal health.

The body is acidic by function.

Every metabolic process that the body undergoes produces acid. The human body is always seeking to maintain proper pH Balance - the balance between acid and alkaline.

This pack of 80 pH are a guide to pH Balance, to discover the body's overall pH level.


Once you determine your pH Composite Reading, you'll know what steps to take in order to bring your body back into a healthy state of pH Balance.


pH Strips are the preferred choice of doctors and practitioners.


pH Strips measure the pH of both urine and saliva.

pH Definition


A common pH definition is: "a logarithmic scale, from 1 to 14, used to describe the acidity or alkalinity of a solution".

Blood in the human body should be close to 7.4 on the pH scale.

A pH level of less than 7 indicates an acidic solution while a pH greater than 7 indicates an alkaline solution. 7 is the pH level of distilled water.


pH Test Strips


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pH strips perforated swatch

pH stands for "potential hydrogen". If your body is too acidic you do not have enough oxygen available for your body cells to stay healthy. When our body is getting enough minerals from our diet to stay alkaline, our blood can function normally - delivering oxygen to the cells throughout our body, and carrying away acidic waste to be disposed.

    But if we struggle to keep our blood at pH level 7.4 it cannot pick up all of the acidic waste, and fat cells are formed to store the acidic waste instead.






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