Triple Frequency Parasite Zapper Z4e

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New  research says the average adult has between 2 and 3 pounds of parasites in their body!

“Parasites are the missing diagnosis in the genesis of many chronic health problems, including diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system. Most individuals would be truly amazed if they knew the extraordinarily high number of Americans who are unknowingly infected by parasites…” – Dr. Hermann R. Bueno, Fellow of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene of London


Zapper Z4eX Extreme


We believe this is the best battery powered parasite zapper available! Operates  on 3 separate frequencies for full spectrum zapping!


Very High Quality a superb execution of Dr. Hulda Clark's Zapper with THREE frequencies, high-power and stabilized wave technology.


Made with ground plane circuitry. Completely stable at ALL frequencies.


Lifetime warranty

Much better construction than competitive units

More accurate output due to more precise components




Made by actual degreed electronic engineers on an ISO-9002 SMD assembly line to military level testing and quality control. Absolutely guaranteed to produce the EXACT output specified by Dr.Hulda Clark. No guessing if it was made right!




0.25v positive offset, STABILIZED WAVE TECHNOLOGY

Low battery light (a FIRST on a three frequency zapper!!). The low battery light is operated by a dedicated precision voltage monitor integrated circuit, not "generic parts".

Compact (3"x 2.5"x 1"), easy to use design with STANDARD BANANA JACK OUTPUTS

Easy to access battery compartment, with simple snap in replacement. Battery holder is keyed so putting the battery in wrong is impossible, with the added protection of a reverse polarity diode, to protect against battery reversal.



Included: 6" copper handholds with lustrous finish and finely bevelled edges


(NO SHARP edges here!!)


EXTRA-FLEXIBLE LEADS with easy to use banana plugs and alligator clips for attaching the zapper to copper handholds

Components used are of a much higher tolerance (1% resistors, 2% capacitors) then competitive units, making for a MUCH MORE PRECISE OUTPUT

High-quality custom poly carbonate label


Micro circuitry makes this small and ergonomic custom moulded case possible. Built with great care and lots of engineering time, no detail has been overlooked. This is a superb execution of Dr. Clark’s Zapper, produced by real engineers.


This is a green product, contains no lead and is made with the preservation of our environment in mind!

Some symptoms of human parasite infection:


• Diarrhea with foul-smelling stool that becomes worse in the later part of the day

• Sudden changes in bowel habits (e.g. constipation that is now soft and watery stool)

• Constant rumbling and gurgling in the stomach area unrelated to hunger or eating

• Heartburn or chest pain

• Flu like symptoms such as coughing, fever, and nasal congestion

• Food allergy

• Itching around the nose, ears, and anus, especially at night

• Loss of weight with constant hunger

• Anemia

• Anxiety caused by the metabolic waste products of the parasites

• Chronic Candida and yeast infections

• Hemorrhoids

• Grinding teeth while sleeping

• Drooling while sleeping

• Cysts and fibroids

• Chronic Viral Syndrome

• Prostate problems and sexual dysfunction in men

• All skin problems

• Urinary Tract Infections

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

• Liver/Gallbladder trouble

• Any Menstrual complaint

• Inability to gain of lose weight

• Burning in the stomach/pain in the navel

• Depression/Forgetfulness

• Chronic sinus or ear infections

How to Zap! -

Install a fresh 9 v battery into the battery compartment,it’s fool proof, the battery cannot be installed incorrectly. Plug the cables into the top of the zapper unit and connect the copper handholds. Connect the alligator clips to each handhold. Switch on the zapper unit by selecting a frequency. Hold the copper handholds in each hand.As an option and to increase conductivity, wet a paper towel in a salt solution, it must be a sea salt, wring the excess water off the moist paper towel and wrap each piece around a copper handhold.

Zap for 7 minutes

Stop zapping and wait 20 minutes

Zap again for 7 minutes

Stop zapping and wait 20 minutes

Zap again for 7 minutes


This regime can be repeated for each frequency. Most subjects will not feel anything while zapping, others may feel mild tingling sensations. It is important that the subject drinks good clean water after the zapping is finished to aid the body in elimination. Also, it is important to ingest a good quality yoghurt to replenish the body’s good flora that zapping may have killed. Depending on the amount of infestation, the subject may not feel a 100% for the next day or so, this is because of an effect called ‘the die off’. Parasites have been killed and a well hydrated body will be eliminating the dead parasites and associated debris. Once eliminated the subject will begin the feel many beneficial effects, as the body repairs damage caused by the parasites, and the stress the parasites once placed on the body’s systems. The dead parasites and debris are eliminated from the body through the feces and urine.

The parasite zapper has a low battery light when the red light appears it’s time to replace  the battery.


Why zap three times for each zapping session?


The first 7 minutes of zapping kills the parasites, worms etc. As they die they release eggs. The second 7 minute zapping destroys the eggs. As the eggs get destroyed any bacteria or virus they contain gets released. The third 7 minute zapping destroys these bacteria and viruses.


For maintenance zap at least every two weeks, zap when returning from holidays, or travels. The unit is portable and light, and can be packed in luggage and taken on a trips as part of a personal care kit. Ion Life Systems believes a parasite zapper should be in every home. As a rule the more the zapping the better the health improvements.


Who Should not Zap?


Anyone who has a pacemaker should not use the parasite zapper

Until more research is available, pregnant women should not use the zapper.

Recently, a parasite zapper model was tested at a major US university. Their results were reported as follows:

"25+ men with HIV use the zapper when feeling the signs of a cold or flu with almost immediate (within 24 hours) response. Symptoms seem to stop and cold/flu never advances."



Legal Stuff re FDA: please read our zapper disclaimer on our policy!

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